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High levels of Challenge, High Levels of Support, High Levels of Expectation

"A very warm welcome to Firs Primary School's website".

It is a great privilege to be the Head teacher of Firs Primary School with such a thriving school community where high levels of challenge, support and expectations are at the heart of what we do.

Our school Mission is to ensure everyone in the Firs Community empowers pupils to make a positive future contribution by prioritising teaching and learning.  We want all of our pupils to achieve high standards academically alongside achieving personal goals in everything that they do. At Firs Primary School, we work to a school improvement framework based on:

Adopt whole school thinking (Emphasis On Consistency and Belonging Being Key):

Use whole school approaches based on clear vision, values and non-negotiables to foster consistent structures and routines that support teaching and learning and remove unnecessary distractions.

Prioritise professional learning and staff development:

Encourage staff at all levels to be professionally curious and engage in dialogue around relevant effective practice.

Develop supportive policies and procedures (promoting consistency):

Ensure that there are robust inclusive policies and practices in areas such as teaching and learning, safeguarding, behaviour, anti-bullying, e-safety and diversity, including tackling prejudice and stigma around mental health.

Implement targeted programmes and interventions (including curriculum):

Ensure high quality implementation of specific programmes and interventions to address reduced progress that are proven to work.

Implement targeted responses and identify specialist pathways:

Where pupils experience difficulties, provide clear pathways for help and referral, using a coherent teamwork approach, including the involvement of external agencies.

Connect appropriately with approaches to behaviour management:

Take time to make children feel a sense of belonging by noticing them as individuals and valuing their contribution. 

The school core values (keys to success) Emotional Resilience, Planning For Success, Knowledge of Life and its Rules, Respecting Difference and People Skills allow all of our children to work together and play together in a positive way, understanding other children's cultures and religions. 

Our school curriculum is underpinned by the schools aims, values and core purpose. The curriculum is broad, balanced and created to be flexible to individual needs and interests. The overall aim of the school curriculum is to develop the whole child through developing their knowledge, skills and understanding. 

“Working happily together inspiring a desire to learn” underpins all that we do and reflects the beliefs of all pupils, staff and governors at our school. Collectively we build our pupils’ aspirations and give them the skills and learning experiences to achieve them.

Our governing body is incredibly supportive and have an important job of school evaluation and ensuring leadership and staff accountability. The school governors are active members of the school and visit often and they are on hand at any time to provide support and guidance.  We are fortunate to receive fantastic support from our parents and carers. We have a strong parent action group who supports the school and community events.

On arriving at Firs Primary school, you immediately notice the positive learning behaviour of our pupils and the passion, enthusiasm and friendliness of our staff. We believe that your children are on a lifelong journey of learning and we feel privileged that Firs Primary School is where this very important journey begins.

Mr Wayne Harris.