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The Community Education Partnership


Jack Dromey MP, Peter Richmond, Dr. Barbara King, Bev Mabey


Bev Mabey (Chair), Patrick Amieli, Lorraine Jones, Superintendent Brandon Langley,

Peter Richmond, Victor Allen, Carl Glasgow, Robert Bircumshaw

Finance, Audit and General Purposes Strategic Group – Chair: Peter Richmond

The terms of reference for this strategic group;

  • Monitoring the trusts finances
  • Receiving the reports of the Responsible Officer and Auditors
  • Reviewing all trust finance related policies
  • Planning strategies for the future sustainability of the trust
Staffing and Pay Strategic Group – Chair Victor Allen

The terms of reference for this strategic group;

  • Monitor staffing structures
  • Receiving the reports of the EHT/Heads of Academy and or HR Managers
  • Reviewing all trust HR related policies
  • Monitor risks to the organisation ie Absence, Capability, Disciplinary
  • Review performance management procedures and conduct performance management for the EHT and Heads of Academy
  • Monitor any themes/trends of issues from staff
Community Education Partnership Multi-Academy Trust















The Directors hold the CEO to account for outcomes for the schools and trust. Including holistic outcomes based on our values. The Central Team work closely with the Headteachers and Governors of schools to ensure all outcomes are delivered using the ‘What Works Framework’.

The school Headteachers are held accountable for all outcomes by the Directors, through the CEO, the Central Team and the Governors including community Governors. The local governors are accountable for:

  1. Leadership & Management
  2. Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  3. Personal Development, Behaviour, Welfare and Community
  4. Outcomes for Pupils
  5. Safeguarding
  6. Effectiveness of Early Years Provision

The schools have a clear line of communication through the work in the Directors committee structure.